originally coined by the christian rapper "Tryp Myne (trip mine) " Swervin means one of 2 things

2 different meanings:
1: to have a sexy and/or curvy body
2: to drive insane, to imply craziness upon
1: Man that girl is swervin!
2: Man that girl has got me swervin!
by In_Famous August 30, 2008
Top Definition
driving while under the influence of mass amounts of marijuana, causing one to swerve in a daze
Dude me and aaron were swervin like a mofo last night. Allen and Aaron are chronic swervers.
by Allen W. Sneed III February 19, 2007
Being under the influence of large amounts of alcohol or drugs. You can swerve in a car, in the club, at your house. Its whereever.
Nigga. I was in the club straight swervin last nite.
by S Dot. March 02, 2008
The act of spittin game at a single female
that kid was wyllin out swervin on that chick at da mall today
by e-rock seu November 05, 2009
loss of control over ones posture and ability to remain still. from obvious methamphetamine over indulgence
Janice sure is swervin she must be on a good one
by jgrab August 10, 2012
to slip out of a kiss by moving sideways, generally referring to when boys make a move in the club
girl 1: so he bought you drinks all night?

girl 2: yeah but when he went in for the kiss I was swervin' him so hard
by boxhead. July 07, 2014
To act a fool; to act wild or cause chaos. To act as if you've popped a bean.
"Bro were you at that party yesterday when that fight popped off?'
"Yeah bro I was in there swervin' heavy"
by swervebird August 04, 2012
to go out drinkin in your car driving around.
We all went swervin out last nite after work.
by Miss Heather July 10, 2008

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