To cheat or make a move on a good friends' girl.
Dude, I can't beleve he was swervin on John's girl.

"Hey asshole, why you swervin in on my woman?"
by J. Cobb July 10, 2008
1 slurpee
1 4 locko
1 5 hour energy
3 shots rum

that's swervin
we swervin tonight, 7/11 ain't gonna know what hit um
by JoEBrA September 04, 2011
originally coined by the christian rapper "Tryp Myne (trip mine) " Swervin means one of 2 things

2 different meanings:
1: to have a sexy and/or curvy body
2: to drive insane, to imply craziness upon
1: Man that girl is swervin!
2: Man that girl has got me swervin!
by In_Famous August 30, 2008
Jerking off, Waxing the potatoe, Pounding the pud.
Man i walked in on my boi dat nigga was laid back Swervin
by Chris aka C Lo September 26, 2006
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