the love of your life. sometimes someone who makes you smile. someone you kiss in a park
I danced with my sweetheart on the rooftop.
by dhoff702 November 08, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who's kind-hearted, nice, sweet, great person, personality, lovely to be around and just a great friend.
"I like Joaquin, he's a real sweetheart."
by Lura July 14, 2006
Your lover, significant other, darling, or what ever pet name that you have for your sweetie.

A beloved person, be they family member, friend, or lover/life partner.

Somebody who is very dear, sweet, and kind.
Why should we be branded with a label because of our sexuality? We're lovers, sweethearts. "Sweethearts" was what we used among ourselves before "lesbian", "homosexuality", "queer", and "gay" really entered the picture. We didn't name it, we did it.

"Cara mia"- "my darling"
"Mon cher"- " "
"A ghaoil"- "O love"
"A rúin"- " "
"A leannain"- "Sweetheart"
"Mo ghràdh"- "My love"
"Cariad"- "Beloved"

Etc etc.
by Lorelili March 19, 2005
A line of sugared candies from the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO) that are heart-shaped with short two or three word phrases, usually sentimental in nature, and are normally only available during the Valentine's Day season.
The Sweetheart you gave me says, "Be Mine."
by Bob Maguire October 17, 2006
Youthful way of saying ignificant other
"How long have you and Rebecca been together?"
"A long time. We were high school sweethearts."
by Juan S. October 01, 2003
a fella that acts soft
That nicca is a sweetheart when his girl comes around.
by babygirl May 10, 2003
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