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a fine ass boy at my school
a boy at my school
by babygirl December 30, 2003
the cutest boy in the world who knows how to treat a girl right with a great personality.
d'andre and aria together forever... haha sike
by babygirl March 20, 2005
aka chamillionaire one of the best rappers in Texas
chamillionaire A.K.A KING KOOPA
by babygirl October 18, 2003
When someone goes to type the word "Nice" and has hand spasms instead, ncie is usually the outcome.

Ncie = Nice

This is a pointless definition of a lame nonexistant word.
bootylicious8869 says: Wow, you look ncie.

bootylicious8869 says: *nice

wolfmecca says: haha, yeah, you're more cutie than you are playa
psychoticcool says: that's ncie
by babygirl March 10, 2005
very dirty or disgusting
"yo that bathroom is grimey!!"
by babygirl March 26, 2004
also known as Loki or Jonny-Boy, he accquired this nick name after playing with a toddler. favours a black trench-coat and wears Jean-Paul Gautier
"oi Mash Bonga!" *small child jumps on his groin*
by BabyGirl May 19, 2003
the prettist gurl in the world who loves to have fun, and is here for other people and does not share other peoples buisness especially about sum dum stuff and she is good at sports and who is your frined!
lotara is one of the best people to be around.
by babygirl March 20, 2005

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