Sweet can be used widely and can have many different meanings based on the tone of your voice.
ShuWeet (drag out the Weet) - means really sweet as in awesome.
Shuweet (faster version) - means really G as in Gay.

You can also use it in a sentence to create a double meaning.

She is ShuWeet (drag out the Weet) - means she is nice and good looking (must have a nice ass).

He is ShuWeet (faster version kind of like one syllable) - means he is G and really Gay.
by Thomas N May 31, 2005
a British euphemism for testicles.
Awww you got me in the sweets and they hurt like hell!

He wanted her to tea-bag his sweets but she refused.
by stsebastian November 28, 2009
really awesome, to the point of making one sexually stimulated
A reference to the Zonk game:
- Wow! Triple ones! That's 1000 points!
- Sweet!
- Beat you-five sixes- 2500 points
by GuidoPosse69 January 31, 2005
1. In addition to being an antiquarian reference to something which has grand qualities, a reference to someone's supposed homosexuality.

2. Having, or possessing, homosexual tendencies and/or traits.
"I think Rick is a little 'sweet', if you ask me."
by Magmeezie August 27, 2003
A derogatory term given to women symbolizing useless worth except to give oral sex. The term comes from the late Katlynn Sweets, a porn star for Maxim.
How's it going sweets?
by WikiNamesDefinition February 14, 2011
an atractive female, one or more.
Yo Victor, you seen that piece? Yeah that's some fuckin sweets right there.
look there go some older sweets at the bar.
by Charles Swanson February 19, 2005
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