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3 definitions by Drewboothhatesbrianking

Def 1: Awesome, Cool
Def2: Sugar; food
Def1: Wow! You just broke the record for eating the most bananas! SWEET!

Def2: Wow... these cookies are way too sweet.
by Drewboothhatesbrianking October 09, 2006
For The Love of God... Shut the fuck up!
Noob 1: "yes, i'm a lv. 75whm/75monk"
Noob 2: "Awesome, I'm a 76blu/75pup"
Noob 1: "Awesome!"
Some random "Not noob": "God you guys are fucking n00bs!
FTLOGSTFU and go fuck yourselfs!"

Lol, <3 FFXI
by Drewboothhatesbrianking October 06, 2006
Another word for "Whats up?" or "Whats going down?"
Hey brian whats going on?
Yo drew... not much.
by Drewboothhatesbrianking October 13, 2006