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well one day I spelled 'Sweet' wrong... so i tried to play it off like it was a new, cool word.
"dude, thats sweer!"
by laura December 14, 2003
The process to having a four some with a goat and moose and a rabit, products involved in this interspecies erotica include, ice, a 9 iron, a roll of quarters. also recommended but not nessesary is some duct tape.
Jack, Kartina, Adam and Sarah have sweers every night.
by SarahBlig February 15, 2008
A cross between sweet and queer. Basically, an adjective for anything cool, but at the same time, kind of weird
Man, that guy in the sombrero? So sweer!
by Tyler Laing October 08, 2006
This word Can be used in to ways:
1. sweet but a little weird
2. Queer slut (less preferable)
Thats sweer or your sweer
by Crazychild08 November 04, 2009
when you think you just shat yourself but you didnt
dude whats that smell i dont know i think i just sweered
by Hugh G. Rection June 20, 2003
something naughty...nobody is quite sure what it is
"Red" and the "girl with ass" sweer all the time.
by girlwithass June 22, 2004
Word used to describe something or someone that is weird but sweet
That dude is so sweer.
by Chaotic107 March 27, 2010
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