This word is a combination of sweet and queer. Sweer....a sweet queer.
Oh look! There's a sweer walking down the street! Is that Elton John?
by Kyle July 27, 2003
a mix between sweet and queer

a shorter way to say "sweet you queer" to insult one who has just made a gay statement though he or she may not be
SWEER: "dude i can believe my outfit actually matches for once."

DUDE: "sweer."

SWEER: "huh?"
by P-Raff February 11, 2008
A combination of the words "sweet" and "queer."

So, it's something both awesome and strange.
"Dude! That upside-down elephant blancing a watermelon on it's left testicle is totally sweer."
by J05HU4 June 08, 2006
originating from the typo "sweet" -compliments of greg h. salopek

meaning: sweet, cool, awesome, im jealous of your coolness
"Dude, melissa and greg are sweerer than sweer in that sweer van, i am jealous"
by melissa February 07, 2005

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