Sweet, awesome, cool.

founded when trying to type "sweet". instead of typing the "t" "r" was hit. now used in many cities.

-Usually used with the adj, "totally" before it.
Dude that quasfag is totally sweer!!
#sweer #sweerness #totally sweer #sweet #umsweer
by JDR! April 28, 2007
any gay person that is also stupid
man, that douche was such a sweer
#gay #stupid #lame #jerk #fag
by Renee L March 23, 2006
same as twill-used in conjunction with twill.
dat sweer be twill
refer to twill if ya'll be sweerin me
by 'stang November 29, 2004
Meaning "cool" or "sweet". Originally created during a discussion between the all powerful Paters of YLZ INDUSTRIES, and one made a type when typing sweet. hence, sweer is born.
"Dude I hear that YLZ INDUSTRIES is actually the cover corporation for Ai-"

"Woa, the way that sniper blew your head off was totally sweer! Ignorance is bliss!"
by Pater0 June 26, 2004
Sweet and rockin' at the same time.
"Yeah...that band is so SWEER"
by Rip July 31, 2003
Sweeter than sweet and cooler than cool. A combination of the two words
Getting out of class early today was so sweer.
by diane and steph March 24, 2004
Sweer- An extrordinary feat or spectacle;hyperbolicly cool
That kid over there with the cool hair is so sweer.
by Statikjolt February 10, 2005
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