The definition of sweaty has been different from person to person ever since it began in the UK (Manchester, Doncaster, Hull area), so here's the REAL definition of it.

A sweaty is someone who listens to heavy metal or any other kind of metal (except nu metal) this includes death metal. They wear REALLY WIDE SHOES that fall off if they run and look really dumb. They also wear jeans (or skater trousers) too long for them that go over their shoes and then some (sometimes rolled up in summer or to expose their shoes). They have chains attached to their jeans (for some reason) and a belt that hangs down with metal studs on them. They wear hoodies or really big shirts that hang all the way down to their knees almost and pass their hands like their jeans do with their feet (sometimes rolled up aswell)! They have wrist bands with spikes or bones on them and a dog collar. Their shirt/hoodie MUST have a name of a band on it or their a sweaty wannabe. They have long hair like a mop head that is
either curly, or twice as long at the back. They have iPods glued to their ears playing really loud and annoying music, (heavy metal). They sometimes wear a cap, or have a skateboard but that's to 'look cool', they can't skate.

The confusion of the word sweaty started when the words goth, emo, skater and indie came around in the 80's and 90's so the chav (townie) term for sweaty is anyone who likes rock music or has long hair.
"Why do your trousers and shirt cover your hands and feet?"

"Because I'm a sweaty!"
by :x-y-z: July 23, 2006
Top Definition
Sweaty is also used to describe a person who is way into something with intensity. Whatever the person is doing, if they are balls deep into the game then they are a sweaty fucker.
I just saw a group of 5 sweaty dudes playing guitar hero.

That sweaty fucker has a halo shirt on.

He can grind a 15 foot rail. Hes pretty sweaty.
by myooralist December 04, 2007
A term to describe something that's not quite on the up and up and hints that the cops could be aware or in some other way involved. Used most commonly by meth users to describe a suspicious person or actions when referencing the use or trafficking of meth.
When I went to go re up with my dealer, there were a bunch of new people hanging around his house.

Wow. That's sweaty!
by Divamatrix May 11, 2010
Someone who is really good or very enthusiastic about something like a lesson. For example always puts their hand up and knows the answer to all the questions. Usually used as an insult. Originates from Leicester.
"Why you so sweaty at English?"
"Sweaty Boff."
by Qazwsxedcrfvv November 30, 2012
To be very upset about a situation.
I'm so sweaty about my team loosing today!
by thesuz November 13, 2014
A derogatory term used in the US Air Force referring to the enlisted personnel. Used mainly between Airmen in the same capacity racial slurs are used amongst members of their respective races. Rarely used by officers, as calling enlisted people 'sweaties' usually results in either mutiny or an anonymous ass kicking, and always indicates that the officer in question is a total prick.
Officer: "Now the way I see it, I am the boss, and you all are the Sweaties. I run a tight ship around here, and I expect y'all to be good little Sweaties for me... starting with the shitters, cause they need cleaning."

Airmen, whispering to each other: "What an asshole."

"Yeah, let's kick his ass."
by Sweaty Wrangler April 04, 2013
The stereotypical sweaty wears baggy trousers or skate jeans with a hoody or t-shirt with their favourite band's name (e.g Green Day) or a brand (Etnies, DC, Quicksilver). These are usually worn with a pair of skate shoes or converse. However,chavs use the word sweaty as an insult to anybody who likes any guitar-based music, whether it be McFly or Slipknot.
The chav will say: "ewwww ya listenin 2 Busted, SWEATY!!!11"3265921 LOLZERZ!!1222378Onetwo"
by Natalie December 29, 2004
Sweaty is the hot new discriptive. It can be used as a surrogate for any word that would otherwise hint to any type of awesomeness/badness/attitude.

Zach: "man, Check out my new shoes with futuristic power laces!"

Reggie: "Sweet nuggets! those are sweaty as F*&K!"
by RoosterFromage August 01, 2008
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