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a vagina that is still virgin (has not been penetrated)
damn i never saw a virgina that fresh!
by mstar June 26, 2003
just perfect... one of those things that would make you a whole lot happier at any given time
a big mack would be key right now
by mstar June 26, 2003
a chotch, is a male with a large ego who often makes fun of others and posesses many jock like qualities...usually they are very oblivious of their chotch-like qualities
lucian baldwin... what a chotch
by mstar June 26, 2003
a saying one expresses when they are angry and put out...a tired annoyed statement
hurruph! im tired, its too hot out here
by mstar June 26, 2003
a very important characteristic someone posessesa spunky kind of carisma
that girl has pizazz!
by mstar June 26, 2003
very cool...hot
what a bodacious babe!
by mstar June 26, 2003
something 'boss' is extremely cool and loped out
damn! that sound system is boss!
by mstar June 26, 2003
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