Swass is a combination of sweet and ass. Obviously lost in translation as it seems people here interpret sweet as sweat.
My '68 mustang is totally swass.

Swass! This rocks!
by Merriam Webster March 18, 2005
The foul smelling sweat that builds up around your balls and ass.
Somebody with a hairy ass and poor personal hygene probably has a bad case of "swass"
by jnite October 02, 2009
Contraction of the words sweet and ass. An exemplar of excellence and elegance that cannot be compared
Man, this is one swass soda-pop!
by MC Silverback February 15, 2005
it's two words combinded, sweaty ass.
I love summers but every year I get a really bad case of swass.
by Ashley Colon March 14, 2008
Swass - an adjective describing the sensation of sweat from your ass lubricating your butt-crack to the extent that your underwear are soaked. This phenomenon is very common with tree-planting, vigorous summer exercise, or other notable swassy activities such as jogging. Swass often preludes chaffing of the ass-crack, but may also prevent said chaffing. Other variations of this term may be swits (sweaty tits) or swotch (sweaty croth). ass sweat treeplanting
Person 1: Oh dude, I have got some serious swass going on today, it is so hot out here.
Person 2: Tell me about it man, my crack is slippery right now I might just have to give myself a wedgie just to try to rectify this serious swass.
by G-Bot 777 January 27, 2008
A term for someone with a sweaty ass.
Fuck dude she has got a some bad ass Swass.
by Samanthafromcanada January 11, 2006
(n) an acronym for "Some Wild-Ass Silly Shit."
"Between the hookers, the goat, and the midgets, that trip to Las Vegas for my bachelor party was SWASS!"
by Stoic Seraph April 14, 2003
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