Swass means to be very good looking or attractive.
Hey Julie! You look so swassy today with that red hair of yours; Hey Mr. You are rockin' that swass.
by Daniislegit March 08, 2010
sweaty ass; swass when one profusely sweats around his/her waiste line and crack which produces swass.
chumlee had to walk across the street to burger king in the middle of a hot summer day. When he returned he showed definite signs of swass.
by dropAK November 26, 2010
Swamp Ass. See also Swat
Between the Taco Bell and not showering all week I have serious swass.
by MattYouKnowWho August 09, 2008
sweat beading or dripping into the crack of your ass during a strenuous physical activity, usually resulting in a tell-tale wet streak on the ass of your pants. Often used in a derogatory fashion implying bad body odor
Holy shit, look at that guy jogging. He's got a bad case of swass---steer clear!
by catpt94 November 04, 2009
The perspiration which accumulates on the buttocks.
"you could see the swass gleaming off his bum"
by jarah69 July 21, 2009
A term used to describe a sweaty ass.
"I just spent an hour at the gym and an hour in the showers taking care of my swass"
"it's so hot out! I have swass like a mofo!"
"These leather chairs give me swass"
by neoxp July 17, 2009
When some one has been working out or just has a sweaty ass.
wow i have sum major swass!
by drinkmachine777 May 27, 2009

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