The word swass comes from a small town called port jefferson station. Swass can be used for just about any thing you want.
Yo your a swass, Go get the swass, Look at that swass, Your just a plane old swass
by Chris Lonigro November 18, 2006
Swass is when perspiration builds up in the region between the butt cheeks. Swass comes from a mix of the words "Sweaty" and "Ass".
Dude, I got a bad case of swass!
by Willy Lipp February 11, 2006
the 2 words sweaty and ass put together to form one word, being SWASS
instead of sayning sweaty ass you say swass

other words could be:
- sweaty vagina (swina)
- sweaty sack (swack)
sweaty choda (swoda)
" fuck bro .. i got mad swass"

" check out that guys jogging pants.. he's got swass"

"your mom has swass"
by odonnelll August 23, 2005
swamp + ass = swass
A condition in which your bum is drenched with sweat.
"Hey guys, I'm swassing like crazy. I need to go change my boxers."
by Weeden April 01, 2005
One who hasa sweaty ass crack
"I had a meeting today with my boss and I had swass the whole time."
by Shirblake March 07, 2005
A sweaty ass.
Just was made up by a friend, now I am claiming ownership.
Brennan has not done much in P.E. class, yet he still has swass.
by Blaine Lindstrom November 02, 2004
sweaty + ass = SWASS

When someone is so sweaty that their sweat soaks through their pants to the surface producing a wet look. Some mistake this phenomena with peed pants, but don't be fooled.
"Uhhh, check that guy's swass."
by Ren October 24, 2004
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