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Swag with class
"He has swag!" "No he has class" "Nah nah nah, he has swass."
by teamtaken January 30, 2014
Swass- a catchy word for swamp ass. Meaning, a sweaty and or clamy butt.
These leather pants on this hot and humid day have given me swass. swamp ass clamy sweaty sticky butt
by Jules Poll January 28, 2014
The sweat that that builds up between one ass cheeks.
Heat and humidity are major causes of swass.
by Discomfort one July 21, 2013
A mixture of swag and sass, it is an epic walk created by the one and only Chuckie Eddybear. You do the basic swag walk, but add the sassy hair flick and dance move at the end.
Omg, look at the biffles, they have so much swass
by Person-with-swass November 07, 2012
something that smells like a sweat ass
sweat + ass = swass
The person that came out of the gym smells like swass
by penguin16 June 26, 2014
A combination of the phrase swamp ass. Aka: a sweaty ass.
Girl, I can't stand up, I've got super swass right now.
by Smash_cherry June 30, 2013
Sweaty Ass. Also can use "sw" for sweaty balls, ass crack, asshole, testicles, vagina etc. (swalls, swasshole, swesticles,swagina)

Can also be used as an adjective "it is swasstastic outside".
Man this humidity is giving me major swass and swalls bro, need to change my undies.
by Pavelski8 July 07, 2012