Really hot pirate with attitude
Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean is swasbuckling
by Jodie March 06, 2005
Top Definition
to buckle swashes, to fight with swords brutally and in full pirate regalia (must include dagger, sword, eye patch, peg leg, great big pirate captain hat, know, the works.)
The famous sea captain, Bluebeard, was quite the buckler of might say, he had a knack for swashbuckling.
by hailtopiracy August 31, 2005
The occurrence of two penises coming in contact. Can be for the purpose of comparative measurement or the purpose of play. The movement generally resembles the sword fighting technique of pirates.
Curious about the status of their respective manhood , Joey and Shmoolie spent the better part of the afternoon swashbuckling.
by jeromino111 October 31, 2010
The act between two men fighting to decide who is 'The Giver' and who is 'The Receiver' way of a 'Man-Sword Fight'!
Man 1 - "I am going to bum you".

Man 2 - No, I am going to bum you!".

Man 1 - "I challenge you to a "Man-sword" fight to decide on who shall be the 'Bummer'.

Man 2 - "I'm not into Swashbuckling. Bum away"
by The Coxdogg September 05, 2011
The sexual act of two guys penetrating a girl at the same time; one in the vagina, one in the anus. Although completely hetero in nature, it can involve penis to penis sword play that may make one or more of the male parties uncomfortable.
Dude, your girlfriend is really kinky. I just don't know if I can handle swashbuckling with you.
by pauliejr October 06, 2006
A bourgeois word for fun, stolen from pirates.
"That was a swashbuckling good time Henry," the millionaire said. "Indeed, " replied Henry, "swashbuckling."
by swashy November 01, 2013
a form of sword fighting where two homosexual males role play as butt pirates and use there scrotums to dual each other to the end.
after a hard battle of swash-buckling cory made tyler walk the plank
by tunacutter September 05, 2011
Adverb used to describe an unusually large member. From the buckling effect on a lady's 'swash'.
Rachel's fanny was like a wizard's sleeve after her night of passion with Trey and his swashbuckling cock.
by Dirty Animals June 17, 2009
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