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4 definitions by pauliejr

The uncanny ability to find an open parking space in a desirable location of a busy parking lot.
I always have to park out in the boonies, but when I ride with Paul we're always in the front row. He's got some great parking karma.
by PaulieJr October 18, 2006
6154 1380
The act of multiple males using one toilet at the same time to unirate. Generally requires the men the share a very close connection, either by blood or by fraternity.
(Multiple males at party) I've got to piss. Me too. Me too. Brother's pee.
by pauliejr October 06, 2006
13 8
The sexual act of two guys penetrating a girl at the same time; one in the vagina, one in the anus. Although completely hetero in nature, it can involve penis to penis sword play that may make one or more of the male parties uncomfortable.
Dude, your girlfriend is really kinky. I just don't know if I can handle swashbuckling with you.
by pauliejr October 06, 2006
66 63
Frothy head on a tapped beer so thick that one is hesitant to plow through it.
It must be the bartender's first night. Look at the cum barge he put on this beer.
by pauliejr October 13, 2006
19 19