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One who is stylish.
One who carries themself in a pimpish manner.
Also refers to inanimate objects.
Represents approval
Swarvellous refers to same meaning.
also see "stush"

Your jacket is swarve.
Mr. Rogers is swarvellous.
by Keith July 03, 2003
131 51
a misspelling of the word 'suave', with the more colloquial definition, i.e., posh, swanky, classy, etc.
Leandra: "Yo Celine's high tops look swarve"

Jake: "Yo Leandra you spelled 'suave' wrong but you said it right"

Leandra: "That's quite swarve of you"
by Frumplestiltskin4487878787 December 31, 2012
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