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(adj) Conceited, superior, having an air of bitchy hauteur particularly with regard to personal appearance - but with good reason.
Mary looked fabulous but nobody talked to her because she was all stush.

Don't get stush with me - I knew you before your lipo, ok?
by sean white January 18, 2006
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a girl or boy who acts/says they are buff/hot/kriss. may lead others along then let them down.
Stush girl: mmmm...maybe another time
rejected boy: cmon girl, why you so stush
by *!* November 05, 2003
A Girl or Boy who acts like a Diva often pouting and strutting, truely believing they own the show, often very Vain and Obnoxious, believe they are better then everyone else, often like to put other people down to their so called inferiority and most of the time they are just complete F***** Bitches....In the Music world of singers the Stush Divas are also known as Prima Donnas or Primo Uomo if they are men they are often egotistical, unreasonable and irritable, with a rather high opinion of themselves not shared by others. Although whether they are truly more vain or more hot-tempered than other singers (or than any other people in the opera houses) is not substantiated, the term often describes a vain, obnoxious and temperamental person who, although irritating, cannot be done without.
The "Diva" is also arrogant, difficult to work with, high-maintenance, manipulative, fussy, highly strung, privileged and demanding
Rah Michael why r u so Stush
Seriously Michael Stop acting like a Stush Diva
Ha u chill with all the Pukka Stush Bitches
by The Viscount Jendernai January 29, 2009
To be absolutely ideal - (in ways such as looks or behaviour.) Without seeming to have put in 'too much effort' but not totally effortless at the same time
When someone wears something that looks really 'fresh', 'stylish', 'innovative' or 'nice an different' someone could say: "That boi looks STUSH" or "He's lookin STUSH in his nu garms"

Or when someone is behaving in a 'nice', 'friendly', 'funny' or 'approachable' manner.

An example: Ken walks into a room and see's Tyrone in the corner with a few ppl around, Tyrone's wearing the latest fashionable garms and makes them all laugh with a witty comment, Ken thinks to himself *Tyrone's so STUSH, I wish I could be STUSH like Tyrone!*

'Tyrone' is seeming to be STUSH personified.
by J BIZ [STUSH SQD] August 12, 2008
Verb. (Stush) To pack a smoking device to its maximum holding capacity.
Pass the bong I'm about to stush it brah
by Vitamin Cottage November 09, 2010
The traveller who at the present day is content to travel in the good old Asiatic style, neither rushed along by a locomotive, nor dragged by a stage-coach; who is willing to enjoy hospitalities at far-scattered farmhouses, instead of paying his bill at an inn; who is not to be frightened by any amount of loneliness, or to be deterred by the roughest roads or the highest hills; such a traveller in the eastern part of Berkshire, Massachusetts, will find ample food for poetic reflection in the singular scenery of a country, which, owing to the ruggedness of the soil and its lying out of the track of all public conveyances, remains almost as unknown to the general tourist as the interior of Bohemia.
I wish i could be more of a Stush
by American vagabond May 15, 2008
another term for stupid girls wanting to be the hot stuff of the school
"Headline: Fugly ho makes stush of herself"
by pPoOcH October 01, 2006

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