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A message board user who, though they do not actually hold the position of moderator, has some twisted sense of duty which they feel they must fulfill. This user seems to believe that the moderator is a retarded monkey that needs to be led around by the hand and told which threads need to be locked or deleted.

The backseat moderator can often be seen jumping up and down and frantically waving their arms, trying to draw attention to a thread which surely is offensive and stupid to the highest degree and must be locked immediately. In reality, the real moderator has probably looked at the topic and seen nothing which crosses the line.

The backseat moderator may also be a backseat administrator, letting everyone know which users need to be banned. Though the backseat moderator is irritating, there is nothing which can be done unless the real authority on the board takes matters into its own hands, and ejects them from the board in a hilarious example of irony.
"This topic is dumb. Lock it please!"
"Ban this guy, he's a moron!"
by RealGTX June 29, 2005
A message board user who believes themselves to be superior to other members. This condescending attitude is dictated by one or more of the following:

-Their number of posts
-Their registration date
-Their position (usually moderator)
-How "popular" they are among the other users

The forum elitist cannot accept the fact all members are on the same level, from the administrator to the lowly newbie. As a result, new users are generally treated with contempt and revulsion by the forum elitist, often when they have done nothing but registered at a later date.

A message board can be effectively ruined by forum elitists, as over time they breed, increase their numbers, and spawn an entire inbred forum monarchy, which actively seeks to rule the "peasants" of the board with an iron fist. This terrible fate has befallen more than one forum over the years, and is virtually irreversible once it has been established.
"Hello, I am a new user and I wish to present an objective and enlightened opinion on-"
"Shut up newbie. You are lower than sewer scum on the bottom of my shoe."
"ya lol shut up you noob!"
by RealGTX June 29, 2005
A popular female message board user. However, "popular female message board user" is redundant, as the lopsided male/female ratio among internet users ensures that anyone claiming to possess a vagina (even one who is secretly a man) will be held in high regard by the board's horny male users.

The forum female is a specific kind of female user, however, who deliberately flaunts the fact that she is a girl to garner attention. Her username is often something along the lines of "SexySarah5132" or "Surfer_Grrl69". Her posts are usually peppered with flowery poetry, pink text, anime smilies, and innocent sounding laughter (teehee, hehe). Often owns a blog. When the forum female is sad or angry, all she needs to do is post a whine and sit back as the horny male users all shower her with sympathy. Any attempt to flame her will be rendered useless by the legions of her forum "boyfriends", who will quickly repel any attack on her. In time a forum female may become a moderator or admin, which grants her near immunity.

Though irritating the forum female may be, there is not much which can be done, as she is more annoying than harmful.
Forum female: "hay, wut u boyz doin tonite? ;) teehee ^_^"
by RealGTX March 31, 2005
A fanboy who plays only console video games. The only PC games they'll touch are free (and often terrible) ones, such as Gunbound, Runescape, or Kings of Chaos/Outwar.

The console fanboy is bitter towards anyone who prefers PC gaming, as their chugging, ten year old 486 running Windows 95 with a dialup connection is so completely obsolete that they can barely load their internet browser, let alone play a game.

Tries to back up their crippling lack of technology by denouncing the keyboard/mouse setup as "too hard to use" or lamenting that online PC gaming lacks some kind of close social aspect that only being in the same room can apparently provide (never mind the presence of voice chat or the LAN party).

The console fanboy can often be made to see the error of their ways as long as a slight amount of force is used.
"My computer can't run Doom 3 but I don't really care because I never liked PC games. But anyways, wait 'til you hear what I did on Gunbound yesterday!"
"I'm telling you, wireless mice simply don't stack up against a camera stick."
"No, you... You just don't understand the kind of feeling you get when you and your friends all have to sit in the same room in order to play Smash Bros. It's not the same experience, I swear!"
by RealGTX June 09, 2005
An extreme anime nut (see otaku) who refuses to watch any anime cartoon with anything other than the original Japanese voice acting. Anything English on their screen other than subtitles will immediately induce a screaming, whining fit. Claims that even an excellent English dub somehow ruins the original "integrity" or "beauty" of the series. May have some substance to their argument, as anime is often "dumbed down" or censored for North American audiences, but any decent points are drowned out by their yelling about subtitles, as if they were Satan himself and were violently raping their mother in front of them at the time.

Often may make an attempt to learn Japanese so they can do away with subtitles altogether. May also attend an anime convention, cosplay, or enjoy reading MegaTokyo. Extremely vocal nutcase which should generally be avoided at all costs.
"Hey, Cowboy Bebop is on Cartoon Network."
"Get out of my house, subtitle zealot!"
by RealGTX April 01, 2005
A completely forgettable message board user. Somewhere there is most likely a factory churning them out by the thousands. You'll know you're in the presence of a forum rat when you read a post and get the sudden strong feeling that you've read the exact same post before. Main characteristics of a forum rat:

-Infrequent or nonexistent use of capital letters and/or punctuation.
-Bizarre behavior and use of the English language, which is often described as either ghetto, otaku, forum female, fanboy, or even l33t d00d, or a combination of the above.
-Avatar consisting of an anime or video game character, animated sprites from Metal Slug or Final Fantasy, or the forum default Homer Simpson picture.
-Username consisting of at least five numbers or underscores.
-Huge, ugly Photoshop abortion of a signature which may stretch the page frames.
-Terrible or nonexistent lack of personality
-Completely worthless, typical, or irrelevant opinion on anything.

Most forum rats are preteen kids, and often either a fanboy, wigger, jock. Though they come and go, no board is safe from them unless the admin only lets his/her friends register.
"Where have all the interesting members run off to? This place is just clogged with forum rats now..."
by RealGTX March 31, 2005
A user of filesharing programs (ie. KaZaA, Limewire, etc.) who takes joy in changing the titles of files, mostly videos, in order to trick other users into downloading the wrong thing. Looking forward to watching your newly-acquired copy of Team America: World Police which took you a whole night to download? Surprise! This joker actually made you get Catwoman instead! Surprise again! That copy of "Teen Sluts Take it Hard 5" is actually a German scheiße flick.

Title swappers are often obscured by anonymity, which makes them near impossible to track down or avoid. Nobody knows why they're willing to let other people suck up their bandwidth just for a laugh, but heed this lesson, and heed it well: always check the FILENAME, not the title, as many of them are too lazy to change that as well.
"Hey man, can you send me your copy of Spiderman 2?"
"Sure, if you want to watch Superbabies instead..."
by RealGTX April 08, 2005

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