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The prophecy of two sexy ass individuals coming together named Adam and Tiana, mixing their superior genetics making the most sexiest, irresistibly intelligent godlike babies with IQ's well over 9000...

Complete globalisation and world domination will occur, they shall learn space travel and explore the universe creating new super babies everywhere.
Guy1: Did you hear about them new superbabies born?

Guy2: Yeah I heard they can memorise PI up to the 50000th digit and cure cancer.

Guy1: Wow, I want a superbaby!!
by Superbaby Makerz December 13, 2010
A baby that has super powers to reproduce and save man-kind after 2012 apocalypse.
The best effect superbabies have is that it is asexual, so it can produce on its own.
by CapitolJaymuns November 10, 2011
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