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another word for cool or hot!
dude1:i got that stuff u wanted me to get.
dude2:that's swankie
by Ray-Ray February 15, 2005
Orginally taken from a tissue box called swanky hankies. Swankie is the new word for cool, also another word for hot
1: Dude, i got a new car!
2: is it swankie?
1: for sure.
by Swanky Hankie November 29, 2009
A girl who carries herself in a whorish manner. Most times used to refer to drunk girls you would meet at parties or bars.
Man...I saw that Girl u picked up at the club last night...She was a Swankie.
by TRiNi-Nick October 15, 2006
To be schleepy or lethargic.
Bianca is dead swankie in bed!
by kris carney April 11, 2008

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