To wank using your own feces as lubricant, as in a shit wank.
holy shit, that sick fuck is having a swank on my mom's bed.
by Chesta the Cat Molesta August 29, 2005
one who is a whore/skank/bitch/fugly slut
Damn! Bryan is such a SWANK!
by Laura December 13, 2004
A whore. Any one who possesses at least one of Hilary Swank's whorish traits.
Your mother was a swank and your father smelt of elderberry.
by Anthony Romano December 11, 2004
A combination of swag and dank. something that is so cool and relates to memes is swank.
Did you hear about Ed coming to school as pepe that was pretty swank
by Ajax Spray & Wipe January 16, 2016
Someone who dates various people for material gain. Similar to a gold digger, but less monogamous. Amalgam of swag and skank.
A: I'm just dating him until he buys me that new Prada purse.
B: God, you're such a swank.
by bellasfate September 14, 2015
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