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verb. infinitive: to swank. to strike another individual in the testicles for sport. Usually a game of tactics and done swiftly with the back of the hand when the opponent least suspects it. this sport can last for days, much like a cricket match.
Darren and Rob repeatedly swanked each other until Rob gave in and signaled his defeat.
by Leroy777 November 01, 2009
adjective describing an act that is swanky. Swank is when someone fails so hard and something that they actually do good. Swank is the polar opposite of swag.
"Dude you're the king of swank when it comes to halo"
by decayofchernobyl October 29, 2009
A shortened version of "sweating tanks", a popular way to inform the world that you are perspiring profusely.
"It's wicked hot out today. I'm swanks, kid."
by Lowriduhh March 16, 2006
Cool,Or hot, Or awesome. Mostly used in comments to people or music..like jazz music. I have heard many brittsh rock bands say it.
"man that chick is SWANK
by Kaylee April 20, 2005
the word swank means just about everything possible it can be used in so many different ways
the definition depends on the context of the sentence
1) yo ima bout to get super swanked my dude
here swank is an act of being

2)ayo yall niggas tryna swank up up in here

here swank is hanging out or "chillin"

personal fav=3) yo yo lemme swank on that swank

here swank is first an act of doing and than an object

4) nigga u been swankin hard lately

here swankin means to be ballin
by gbaums December 10, 2010
Dank(crappy, old, un origional) swag
dude swank, you wore that outfit like 3 times this week already.
by forshizzle2321 October 24, 2009
stupid & ugly
get your wanna be black swank ass outta here!!!!
by chile cheese July 31, 2009