Being extremely tight, or fashionable (stylish). Referring mostly to clothes, cars, etc.
Man you know meh, Im ridin' swank!
by TR4G3DY July 11, 2007
Once used to refer to something fancy. Now used to refer to something gangster.
"Yo dawg dem fubu's is fuckin swank."
by allatropic February 08, 2007
cool or smooth attire; kick ass clothing
That's some awesome pirate swank you're wearing.
by Elloine July 20, 2006
Swank is a portmanteau of sad and wank and is the act of wanking with the lubrication of tears and a heavy heart. Swanking commonly occurs after a break-up and can become extremely addictive. A downward spiral of swanking can even result in depression and in severe cases psychosis and schizophrenia.
Dan-''I'm worried about Stuart, he's been swanking a lot lately'

Hugh-''I'm scared he may never hank again''
by Spennny July 29, 2013
A conjunction of sweet, awesome and cool. It is like sweet, with a side of awesome, topped with coolness but it is not quite amazing
Swank dude!!
by Damista November 03, 2011
A lifestyle in which you are always progressing to be better. A Swank person is someone who is tired of modern society's acceptance of drugs, alcohol, and immorality. They are not mean to people that participate in these things, but try to show them by example that there is a better way to live. They always try to be upbeat and exiting and try lots of new activities. They are polite to women and take them out on dates (actual dates). Swank is the new movement towards a more clean and fun society.
Swank people go on dates, throw real "parties" (no alcohol or drugs, just fun activities), will do things like have bonfires and just enjoy the outdoors.
by The6th April 07, 2011
Having a wank but falling asleep before the happy ending. Unless you fail to climax, it is not a swank and you are a lazy fucking lover.
Dale: Mike! Were going to go get bangers and mash.... OH SHIT!
Mike: (Waking up from Swank) What?... What? Oh shit! It happened again...
by Mikeissuperdoop! March 30, 2010
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