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83 or 84 elbows chrome spoke rims that goes on a slab(car).
I popped up on 4's,candy blue slamming cadilac dowes.
by RD October 17, 2003
30 spoke rims that pock out on your ride
that were only made in 1983 to 1984, and only to be put on volge tires
thim thangs
by dirtysouthplayz November 19, 2003
30 spoke rims that poke out 6 - 8 inches from the side of your car, were only made from 1983 to 1984 (84's poke harder)
You know I ride on fow's, You know I slide in hoes, I dial 1411 for my info!!!

You know I'm always smoken' and my 84's are poken!!
by Big Slab Rida June 16, 2003
30 spoke rims made for the 1983 and 1984 cadillac eldarado by the Cragar Wheel company. The 83's (3's) are made for the rear wheel drive eldarado. In 1984 Cadillac switched to a Front Wheel drive layout for the eldarado so the offset changed, making 84's (4's) poke out more. 3's and 4's are often seen on slabs (older american "big body" cars) in combination with Whitewall tires or Vougue Tyres (mustard mayo tires)
See also: 30's , Thangs, Swangs, or elbows.
On the boulevard got my swangers on hard. Comin down the boulevard swangin on 'em hard.
by Dr. Cell Tha Mastah Killah PHd April 21, 2006
elbows,chunkers,and thangs. 83's and 84's
sliding on foes chunking up da block. i'm holding on glassy thangs.pokeing on elbows hurtin boyz.
by swan-ga! December 23, 2002
glass rims that poke out hard cant ride too close to tha curb
you can see your self in it
by Aron Mahon December 28, 2003
one who is really good at dirty dancing. also known as "freak dancing" or "bumping and grinding."
"Did you see him gettin down with that hoe at the dance last night? Hes a swanger!"
by S.K.W.I.D. October 04, 2009
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