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1. Sweaty and stinky balls and Johnson, see crotch rot.
2. Term for caucasian male(s) from non-caucasian male(s), can be racist in use and typically toward southerners, but seeing increase use in Northern California recently.
1. After a night of hot and heavy sex Tyler had a bad case of swamp dick.
2. There's one guy who everything he sees Tyler he screams "Hey swamp dick" at him.
by Humrunner November 09, 2015
the sensation you feel on your penis when:

A) you take a condom off of your dick right after you bang a nice hot and wet vagina.

B) you get hot and sweaty and dont shower for a few days.
A) Will: Dude, I just banged the guts out of this slut in my car, and when I took the condom off, my dick felt all slimey and weird like it was in a sauna for 3 days.
Me: Sounds like you got a wicked case of swamp dick!

B) Will: Dude, I just got back from a 3-day ass spelunking expedition with my boyfriend, Chris, and it feels like I got a sweaty rodent in my pants.
Me: Sounds like you got a wicked case of swamp dick!
by cheapshott July 19, 2006
All of the left over resin collected from the bottom of one's bong. Often has a swamp like texture, usually accompanied by the taste of dick when smoked. THC content increases over time.
Swamp Dick should definitely be featured this year at the Cannabis Cup. That shit is fire.
by bareeye January 22, 2011
When fucking a hot chick at the lake, you pull out and dip the tip of your cock in the mud and reinsert.
Dude, I just totally swampdicked Kelly's ass
by dudesfunny April 21, 2011

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