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3 definitions by cheapshott

the sensation you feel on your penis when:

A) you take a condom off of your dick right after you bang a nice hot and wet vagina.

B) you get hot and sweaty and dont shower for a few days.
A) Will: Dude, I just banged the guts out of this slut in my car, and when I took the condom off, my dick felt all slimey and weird like it was in a sauna for 3 days.
Me: Sounds like you got a wicked case of swamp dick!

B) Will: Dude, I just got back from a 3-day ass spelunking expedition with my boyfriend, Chris, and it feels like I got a sweaty rodent in my pants.
Me: Sounds like you got a wicked case of swamp dick!
by cheapshott July 19, 2006
36 22
1. To be overly-addicted to cigarettes.

2. To be overly-homosexual.
1. I am a slave to the butt because I smoke way too many cigarettes.

2. Haney is a slave to the butt because he is so gay.
by cheapshott July 27, 2006
10 1
1. old ass piece of shit car that gets driven like its the hottest thing on the block.
Person 1: Look at my fly ass '83 honda civic! That shit is pimped out with a clothes-hanger for the antenna and locks, the trunk is tied down with a piece of rope, I got 4 different tire brands (3 different sizes), the back passenger-side window has a plastic grocery bag instead of glass, and it smells like big foots dick!
Person 2: Nigga, you gots a whodo!
Person 1: LOLZ WTFX?
Person 2: Whodo you know that can fix that piece of shit?!?
by cheapshott July 27, 2006
14 8