To be completely and honestly serious.

A reply used by people who have been questioned on the truth of their comment.

To be truthful and not lie.
Guy 1: Dude, I swear its a phrase, we use it all the time back home. Swamp ass!

Guy 2: Wow, I guess you're telling the truth.
by swamptastic February 28, 2012
A fat man's hairy ass. The Swamp is usually not washed for days and therefore has a "swampy" reference when described. depending on how long it has been since the fat man has washed his swamp, there may be forms of life adapting to their new "swampy" environment. One does not have to neccesarily be fat to adapt a swamp, but the extra fat and ass space will allow for more wilderness to grow upon ones anal environment. Caution: the swamp may become thicker and much harder to navigate as one becomes closer to the anal cavity or around the Gooch area.
damn, that guy in front of us has swamp-ass. i can practically see the fumes.
by KFCZombie July 13, 2008
When the area of speaking becomes chafed and irritated due to extreme ass wiping and/or sweating and is made worse by having the hangover runs.My name is mud
I got swamp ass so bad it hurts to stand still, much less walk or sit.
by Skip Jack September 17, 2005
The apperance of sweat around your ass region.
Steve had a bad case of swamp ass after playing football. If you search for swamp ass, under the image section of yahoo, there will be steves picture identifying who has swamp ass.
by Swamp ass Steve October 23, 2004
An unusual build up of a large amount of sweat in the buttox region, primarily in and around the asshole.
Damn, Sam has a bad case of swamp ass!
by BallSmackMcGee June 10, 2010
A Bad ass metal band.
I saw this bad ass metal band, Swamp Ass, last night at the bar.
by Blimage November 13, 2009
when someone has a horrible case of encrusted or wet poo in their ass
by Matt September 25, 2003

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