when someone has a horrible case of encrusted or wet poo in their ass
by Matt September 25, 2003
A Bad ass metal band.
I saw this bad ass metal band, Swamp Ass, last night at the bar.
by Blimage November 13, 2009
when a person doesn't wipe there ass good, then gets very sweaty, and the swamp runs down there leg.
I just took the biggest dump of my life! We need to practice for cross country. (10-15 minutes later) Damn! I've got the swamp ass!
by dsac 101 August 31, 2010
the sweat from your gooch and balls that soaks through your boxers/underwear, and makes it annoying to sit down.
after playing basketball all day, i went to sit down and much to my dismay, i sat in gulf of swamp ass.
by Kyle M November 29, 2003
*when the ass region feels hot wet and murkey...
hey hunni get the baby's desiten i have swamp ass for the third time this week!
by bob hastle February 20, 2004
The sensation of sweaty thighs in bunches of fabric, simulataneously enjoying(?) the feeling of having a swamp located just south of one's ass.
"Dude, I had to leave the MoMA after three hours...I was hungry and I had major swamp ass 'cause I was wearing warm-up pants with boots."
by Myconfidence October 22, 2006
One whos ass smells of rand things and/or is sweaty.
"My boyfriend is a swamp ass"
by KRISTY February 18, 2005

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