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a highly respected and revered individual; someone with status, a bmoc
"who's the swami of this establishment?"
by bonzai November 14, 2003
one who is awesome at what they do
Eddie Van Halen is a swami among guitar players.
by jimmy November 24, 2003
A person who knows and points out the truth before you can weasel your way out of it. A type of a mind reader.
I thought I could get away with fibbing about sneaking food in the middle of the night. Little did I know I was dealing with a swami, and she doesn't let me get away with anything! The woman can read my mind!!!
by Stop the pendulum January 14, 2006
a word used to describe things as "cool"
the sleeves you made for that shirt are absolutely swami!

or simply:

by swami haha August 07, 2004
In hearts, taking no points within a hand.
I got a swami because all the cards in my hand were low.
by Jon Zamboni July 14, 2005
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