1. When a person of some sort usally a hustler has a whole system to get money.
"Mayne im finally back up on my grizzy and it sure feels good."
by Wengardio October 02, 2007
to be on one's grind, hustle, or makin money in general

the word is used to refer to grind, which typically means to sell drugs like dope, white girl, and other good shit that makes the world go round
dude: "yo Chance, what you doin tonite?!"
hustler: "oh, u kno, i'm always on my grizzy"
dude: "u always on the grind with that white girl?"
hustler: "of course mayn, my girl's gotta girlfriend & she suck my dick like whirlwind"
dude: "damn man, i wish i could get on the grind like you and finally get laid"
hustler: "shut the fuck up punk muthafucker!!!"
*hustler smacks the but of his gun into dude's head, takes his wallet, watch, rings, etc...*
hustler: "im breakin you off boi!!! now thats what i call the grizzy fo shizzy!!!"
by YoBestChance October 10, 2007
One gram.
Give me a grizzy for a dub.
by peanut March 15, 2004

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