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When you waddle up to a pool and swan dive in
Kristin was very hot so she swaddled into the pool
by hotchick7120 June 21, 2011
The waddle you get after having wonderful sex.
She swaddled over to the blockbuster -- bow legged.
by Sonia'SEX April 03, 2006
to move your hips in a circular motion while straddling an object
adam swaddled alex's face
by cbrownlee December 14, 2010
Verb. The specific swagger of a gay man.
Men who wear cutoff jean shorts swaddle while they surf.
by Twellsing November 29, 2010
A word which you would use to describe a large person who swaggers like a chav but is too large too swagger.
Combines waddle and swagger.
"Oh my god look at that fat bint swaddle!"
by danni.yelly July 22, 2009
could be a pillow or a pet, often taken and abused by drunks, not machine washer safe dry clean only makes for the perfect bestfriend anyone over the age of seventeen.
grab swaddles its the shit.
by jet swag June 16, 2011

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