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The sexyest Girl everrr damn how did she get so fine?
by Mr. Howards english class February 26, 2003
148 65
When you see a girl that you are just like know her name must be Susy, right?
Susy is soo fucking hot
by stupyfuckhead February 26, 2003
123 43
a girl who likes lolipops. she is in my math class and is VERY talkative. she likes nachos.
i have never seen susy eat nachos.
by adrian sosa December 17, 2003
73 54
I wanna fuk her
ye i do
by Funk-master-0 February 27, 2003
97 83
Another, rather strange word for shoes. Originated from "shoesies"
aw,rather sweet really.
Person A- You ready?
Person B- Yerp, just lemme put my susies on :)
by Rainface November 16, 2004
4 12
A hot board mama who should post her boobies
Susy is a hot board mama who should post her boobies.
by Darrin December 17, 2004
33 71