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Queer Magnet; a sexy, highly desired (by straight men) woman, who happens to be bff with many homosexual men.

i.e. the gays cum-a-running.

Antonym: Fag Hag.
Ro-Bo: "I ain't no fag hag, bitch! My milkshake brings all the gays AND the straights to the yard. mmm-mmm. but a QM don't discriminate"
by Trav-baby2 July 10, 2008
question mark, it is used when symbols aren't available
do you really think so qm
by azella October 25, 2007
(abbr) Quantum Mechanics. The study of quantized behavior in Physics.
That QM exam was horribly difficult!
by Brian Heckman September 19, 2004
Quick money to make money quick and easy
to make QM, first by some weed, sell some weed, make money, by more weed, smoke
by Kyle 14 May 30, 2006
(vb.) To beat a dead horse, using links to previous posts to conjure up some supposed correlation between a poster and some event.
I said hello to rnaster and got QM'd about how I'm the cause of her flatulance.
by kyeeeeeew ehm February 26, 2003
verb. To be fired from ones job for posting on Yahoo Message Boards.
Damn, my boss found me posting and QMed me.
by Shouldn;t have asked February 26, 2003
To have a highly psychotic female call your boss with trumped up charges in order to get you fired.
That crazyass bitch QM'ed me and called rmy boss. Sickass spanklover!
by JackInTheBox February 26, 2003

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