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urine, pee (used commonly in India).
"I want to make susu really badly."

by gio8282 August 29, 2008
80 49
"she has big susu"
by phuk yoo November 02, 2003
103 75
(noun) urine, wee, pee-pee
Me: I wanna make susu! Now!
You: Go around the bushes
by sue February 08, 2005
89 70
breasts, translated from tagalo
wow! look at the size of her su su's! wouldnt mind nibbling them!
by supertad June 02, 2005
24 9
A term used in Jamaica, - to talk about someone (usually in a negative way) when they are not around.

One will usually susu PON something

AKA - talking behind someone's back
Mi nah let yuh susu pon dem so.
by Crunkturd February 17, 2012
19 10
to bang your girl super damn hard till she cry!
dude i su-sued my girl hard as fuck last night
by blackie12345 September 03, 2011
6 6
something that is cute or awesome
Look at those cute kittens Katie is petting. Susu!
by Fancis Scott Key July 24, 2010
27 36