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The scientific definition for the most immature of words: blowjob. Use of "sushi" allows common dwellers of this ordinary world to seem elegant, refined, and NICE HOT SEXY AND LAYABLE. When one uses this word as a substitute for the immature word, "blowjob", an impression of a generous person is given off. Therefore, use of the word "sushi" causes absolute perfection to RADIATE off your body, and attracts the most gorgeous men, women, bi, gay, tranny, hermaphrodite, dog, cat, llama, dugong, to your peepee, weewee, pussy, or fish.
Horny girl: "Oh my gosh! You're like, totally the hottest, manliest, guy I've ever seen! YOU'RE SO SEXY! Hey, want sushi? I wouldn't mind giving some to you!"
Sexy boy: "Oh wow, you're scuh a nice person! I would love some sushi! Thanks so much!"
by kiwipeewee May 23, 2010

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