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Running around naked like a dousche bag!!
"Were Going Streaking!!!!"
by Caitlyn July 24, 2003
to freak out, go crazy, or loose the mind.
I lost my keys and now I'm wigging out!
by Caitlyn October 30, 2003
New school, old teachers. They should have upgraded the teachers along with everything else in the school. stupid
I goes to Nashwa Hye Sowf dood. I gots me a good edjumakaychun.
by Caitlyn March 13, 2005
One of the best rockers in Japan. She's 25. Her real name is Yumiko. And Shiina isn't some dumb J-popper like Olivia Lufkin.
Shiina Ringo sang ''Identity'' in April 2000. In the beginning of the song, she screams: ''EEEEEEEEEEEEE!''
by Caitlyn November 02, 2003
More gentle way to say go fuck yourself. Usually used when you dont have the ability to say fuck, or when saying it in a joking manner
Hey, go fork yourself buddy!
by Caitlyn March 02, 2005
sucking of the penis in which the mouth is up over the head, encasing it, creating a dome.
y0, that georia dome was crunk, i skeeted up in her mouth.
by Caitlyn August 29, 2004
Delicious rice rolls with the topping inside, usually shrimp or fish.
California Rolls are a delicious type of sushi!
by Caitlyn November 22, 2003

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