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a frenchman or a soldier in the french army
the surrender monkey took off his berret, finished his stroodle, and put down his weapon when he was threatened
by ByRd June 05, 2004
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If continental Europe had stood up to the Nazis, like Britain and Canada, rather than roll over like surrender monkeys, then the war would've ended much earlier, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of British, Canadian, Australian, American, and Russian soldiers.

We gave them freedom. They gave us snails.
To eat.
by StGeorge November 03, 2006
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A frenchman. French people in general are ill tempered and, as history has shown, total cowards.
As soon as the nazis entered france, france surrendered and the nazis walked into paris without opposition. Damn surrender monkeys.
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
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A pejorative term used against French citizens, coming from Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey, based on some assumption that French soldiers are cowards, just because France got occupied by Germany during WW2.

Mostly used by retards who think their country is better than the others for some reason, think this joke is still funny just because the Simpsons used it, or just some idiots who never heard of the Resistance.
My great-grandfather was in the Resistance during WW2, and died while trying to free France from the Nazis. Does that make him a Surrender Monkey too ?
by an AnkoĆ¹ April 03, 2011
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