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A person of French origin
Pierre is a cheese eating surrender monekey.
by Q-Bert April 04, 2003
A popular reality TV show in which numerous randomly selected contestants make pitiful attempts to survive in a secluded area while they bitch about their workload until they are eventually voted off by their teammates.
"Man, the chicks on survivor won't stop bitching about everything, and those guys are total pussies for not gettin' some poon!"
by Q-Bert June 01, 2003
A person who infatuated with another person, but is unable to gain the other's affection so he or she concedes to masturbation.
Brian wants Jane so Bad! But she hates him. Brian will have deal with being a wish wacker.
by Q-Bert August 03, 2005
Horrible Math Skills.
Thanks to my fuzzy math skills, i didn't have to worry about college. No, seriously.
by Q-Bert March 17, 2003
An ill tempered cubicle dweller.
I went by James' cube, and he growled at me, shouted profanities, and then swooped back upon his computer. What a qublodyte!
(pronounced cube-lo-dite)
by Q-bert May 18, 2013
Comes from the work armogeddon referring to stinky sweaty person of Armenian decent who denies the existence of deodorant. They can be quickly distinguished by their immense amount of hair, and sweat. They wear white t-shirts and tear off sweat pants with a lot of "bling bling" around their neck. They enjoy smoking stinking and being annoying.
Usually preceded by the word damn.
Damn Geddons are taking over this town.
by Q-Bert April 04, 2003

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