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ultra cool country in Central Europe.

Any englishman who says they don't like the Germans are either racist, or ignorant.
Like us, they worship football. Like us, they support their teams loyally through the hard times as well as the good. Like us they love to drink beer and socialise. Like us, they sometimes drink too much! Like us, they eat a huge amount of cooked/cured meat, and not so much snail juice and frog bollock.
Like us, despite their/our unemployment problems, are mostly hard working, blue collar folk. Like us, they have embarrasing traditions involving big men in girly cloths! Like us, they have a problem with right-wing extreemism.

Unlike us, they are unashamed in admitting their past mistakes and atrocities, which should help to ensure that they don't repeat them.

Despite the stereotype, they have a very cool, understated sense of irony that rivals ours.

It is a modern, wealthy, powerful democracy whom we should be proud to be allied with. Unlike France.
Even though the last time the three countries fought, Germany was our enemy and France our ally, Germany is held in a much higher regard in England than is France.
by StGeorge November 07, 2006
a frenchman, esp. soldier.
If continental Europe had stood up to the Nazis, like Britain and Canada, rather than roll over like surrender monkeys, then the war would've ended much earlier, saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of British, Canadian, Australian, American, and Russian soldiers.

We gave them freedom. They gave us snails.
To eat.
by StGeorge November 03, 2006
Irish Republican Army.

Irish terrorist outfit responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent victims.

Funded by: Irish Americans who have never been to Ireland.

Linked with: Middle Eastern Terror groups, and formerly the Communist regiem in the USSR, see 'irony'.

Favourite tactic: Hiding behind human shields of Catholic women and children in housing estates in Northern Ireland. Also, claiming to be an Army, but not having the guts to have a stand up fight with a REAL army, or wear a uniform.

Lasting legacy: Calling a cease fire and disarming. Or surrendering, to give it a military term (after all they ARE an army ;) ).
The IRA have surrendered, and England still rules Northern Ireland. Go England!
by StGeorge November 02, 2006
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