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A sexual act involving two males, one of which must be uncircumsized. With the two erect penises end to end, male 1 proceeds to jerk himself off using male 2's foreskin. For a truly fantastic sensation he then proceeds to ejaculate into male 2's foreskin.
Dammit Mike, why don't you go stroodle Andrew's noodle.
by Phil Korn April 24, 2007
stroodle is usually a nickname of a very beautiful and fun person.
Always making teriyaki demons joyful and full of happiness.
Teriyaki demons are usually attracted to stroodles and find them very sexy and gorgeous.
teriyaki demon: dang did you see how sexy stroodle looked today! =] =O =D
by crazytiny5 March 29, 2009
Just another term for your man jelly; aka your cum. During intercourse and just before cumming the male will pull out his dick and pump his "stroodle" out on to his girl...apply where disired.
Dude! after i was done fucking your mom i smeared my stroodle all over her!
by Ryan May 08, 2004
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