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Very bad people. Usually having large lips and a protruding forhead. They were added to the endangered species list at one point, and the population has exploded since the creation of food stamps and welfare. Smells bad and is very discrimnatory. Rather dislikes working.
Dad: Gosh, that nigger sure is driving a nice car.
Son: Dad, thats your car.
by krimsonnazi October 25, 2009
a nigger-in-training. Curently being taught how to be stupid, lazy, and to steal. These "niggers" that they become are rather skilled at these things.
Person 1 "Awhhh, that niglet over there is trying to steal..."

Person 2 "ooops.. theres a cop. have fun in jail niglet."

Person 3 "you do realize that he was stealing your car retard."

Person 1 "yeah. but its what they were made for."
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
a frenchman because they are a bunch of peace-loving scared-to-fight pussies.
French Guy: You americans think you are really something special.
American: You should think we are too, because without us you wouldnt have a country you rifle dropper.
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
A frenchman. French people in general are ill tempered and, as history has shown, total cowards.
As soon as the nazis entered france, france surrendered and the nazis walked into paris without opposition. Damn surrender monkeys.
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
someone who hasnt won a war in a long, long time.
American: hey remember world war II?
Frenchguy:No, i do not recall.
American:I thought you'd say that you little frenchman pussy bastard.
by krimsonnazi October 31, 2009
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