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103 definitions by hannah

Community Restoration in Progress
Kill a Blood win a prize,Kill a Crip ur whole family diez Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood Let it rain, let it drip,After we're done watch the slobs claim Crips Peace 2oO the Crips death to the dread,Lay Blu rose pedals across my death bed Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood , Ashes 2oO ashes Dust 2oO dust,In Crips we trust N on slobs we bust When I die show no pity bury me up in Crip city,Lay 6 blu flags across my chest Let me die and ley to rest and,Tell all fellow Crips I did my best....
by HannAh December 30, 2004
Mika is a Lebanese singer (but based in London) who was *fun fact!* trained by a Russian opera professional. Some of his more famous numbers include 'Grace Kelly' which reached number #1 on the UK Singles Chart on 21 January 2007. Mika prefers not to discuss his sexuality with journalists, but there is some speculation he is gay. Mika's music is awesome.
'Grace Kelly', 'Lollipop', 'Happy Ending' are all songs off his frickin' brilliant album 'Life in Cartoon Motion'. GO MIKA!
by Hannah March 24, 2007
Meaning OK, a word that Mr. Mackey from South Park uses
"drugs are bad MmmKay"
by Hannah November 26, 2003
A party where you dance madly in mounds of foam. Otherwise known as a wet orgy.
I went to a foam party, and watched people have sex in the corner.
by hannah October 30, 2004
great great great band.
Me: hey, did you hear the ted leo and the pharmacist's song, me and mia, or where have all the rude boys gone?
him: nope.
Me: really? well, you should
him: why?
Me; because they are great, wonderful, and even orgasmic.
by Hannah November 29, 2004
Kick ass band that is awesome live! :)
See them live, ull know what im talking about!!
by Hannah August 28, 2004
The leader of the Church of the Subgenious. Also, the slack master.
All followers of the Church of the Subgenious, under J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, must have slack.
by Hannah March 06, 2005