da most caringgg girl i kno, shes ma bestest mate n has alwayz been there for me. we do the craziest stuff together and have so many jokez. only problem is shes realllly reallly overly clever.. but still, luv u priya ur da best lol xx.
ermmmm.. heres a warning to anyone who knows her --> never trip up in front of her and fall on da ground, becoz insted of helping u up n makin u feel less embarassed, she'l point at u n do her hysterical cackle so everyone turns around and laughs at u aswell.
by Lady Sovereign April 08, 2005
Top Definition
tha best in the world
she is wicked.....as it is me...bla bla bla
by Priya March 19, 2005
The hottest, smartest, sexiest, girl in the wrold. I love her so much!!
One day supriya will be my girlfriend!
by Hotballer21 September 11, 2004
Is a wonderful person! And i wuv her
Oh Su is the best!
by KjL August 22, 2003
A girl known to create awkward moments. Very good at raising the tension in the room through awkward actions or comments.
It only takes Supriya to come up with something awkward
by sjakd June 29, 2011
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