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the shop where stupid pre-teens, wHo TaLk LyK dIs oN mSn and act like their 14 so they can have their own myspace pages buy all their clothes from. they sell clothes that either fall apart after 3 washes or they go out of fashion after 3 months. the store consists of slutty skirts at size XXXXXS and baggy t-shirts with big fluro sayings on them like, love you longtime, dirty dirty house music or i love the oc. the store is turing the australian teenage and pre-teen female population into clones. when you walk into the store you go deaf because of how loud they play their stupid techno remix shit and their plastic sales assists try and make you buy every piece of fluro clothing in the store. i would gladly be happy to watch every supre store burn down in flames along with every piece of fluro clothing item on this planet.
plastic wannabe: OmG lYk LeTs ToTs gO sPeNd AlL oUr $$ @ sUpRe oN dA kEwLeSt NeW fAsHiOn EsPeCiAlLy AlL dA fLuRo sTuFf (they walk into the store)

normal friend: ahh i've gone deaf from the music and all the fluro shit has blinded me
by poo you May 18, 2008
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A store where alot of aussie teenage girls shop for clothes.
Supre clothing is usually low-quality, tacky, overpriced and will most likely go out of fashion within the next 5 months.
Not all supre clothing is slutty, such as not so short shorts, plain tops etc. though alot if it is.
They sell shirts with slogans such as 'I'm a bitch, just not yours', 'wanna be a rockstar', 'bad kitty' and at christmas, 'jingle my bells' or 'dear santa, please define good' and other stupid sayings.
They cater for almost every highschool steriotype, and have a small section in the store which has 'punk, emo and goth' style clothing and accesories, which are usually bought by who most would label 'posers' or 'tryhards', or other 'non-conformist' people who buy it when its on sale, then try to cover up the fact that it was bought from there.
Most of the store could be described as preppy, with mini-skirts, low-cut tops, short shorts, and anything fashionable. Sometimes you will find other things sold at the counter, such as bubble gum, cleavage cups, supre brand water, body spray and more.
You can find supre stores pretty much anywhere in Australia, they're also found in New-Zealand.
Non-stop, irritating and extremely loud techno, pop, hip-hop and rap music is constantly played in the store.
I got a top from Supre and it broke after about 4 washes
by somegirl123 January 22, 2007
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A shop where little teeny-boppers shop with overpriced, too slutty even for Christina Aguilera clothes. Also considered the Hot Topic of Australia due to its abundance of "punk/rock chick looking clothing" (hahahaha) and it always being occupied by Good Charlotte fans.
Example 1.
Little Wannabe: " OMG theres Supre, WE HAVE TO GO IN THERE. Won't this top make me look so sexy?"
Other Little Wannabe: " Oh yeh totally."
Example 2.
GC Fan: Man, i'm so punk, oh look here's a 30 dollar t shirt with a "clever" saying on it, LETS LIKE TOTALLY BUY IT."
by Me May 11, 2004
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Supre is a store throughout Australia and New Zealand that sells whatever crap is in fashion. Right now, it's oversized tee's stating 'I <3 Myspace' 'Dirty Dirty House Music' 'It's All About House' and other stuff along those lines. That's funny.. two months ago they were in love with 'emo'.

The assistants, supre girls, wear whatevers in fashion. Most of the time, they're annoying with fake niceness and high pitched voices. Most of the time, they won't shut up about anything they're on about.

It's true, not everything from Supre is slutty, some of it is actually okay. Although, they go down to XXXXXS and only to XL. And if you fit into M jeans, your legs MUST be five feet long.

The main target is for about 12-16 year olds, but it's not uncommon and see thirty year olds and nine year olds shopping there.

The girls who shop there say the only girls who don't like Supre are the ones who are fat and ugly. Completely not true. Maybe the girls who don't shop there want to keep their dignity?
Supre Assistant: Hey! You just want to buy that?
My Friend, under her breath: No.. I just stand in line for the fun of it..
Supre Assistant: OMG it would look SO cute on you. The colours and.. *more rambling*
My Friend: I was actually buying it for my nan..
by kxli August 25, 2007
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A tacky overpriced chain of stores which cater for sluts of all ages looking for flimsy mini skirts and other such cheap, revealing apparel.
1. 'Hi welcome to supre, are you looking for clothes that show off your g-string or your cleavage?'
by Brittandherllama July 11, 2005
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Supre. It's origins go all the way back to the invention of the brothel. When all their 'escorts' needed 'special' clothes for their 'performing' they went to supre. The people who shop here are quote from specky's definition "slutty little try-hards." To top it all after the pleading of Natalie for me to ask if I can try on a mini-skirt the service is appalling as I was told to fuck off. Considering the customers that was a very realistic statement in the case of someone desperate.
Fat bogan bitch "I want to show everyone my fat rolls so I'll buy some clothes from supre."
by roasty toasty February 13, 2005
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a stupid shop where slutty little tryhards go and shop for strips of cloth that barely cover them, these strips of cloth are stolen from the monkey people of africa who de-evolved from humans back into monkeys when their planes crashed in nuclear power plants placed there by george dubyah bush who is the leader of the so called "super race" the americans. The monkey people have no peices of cloth now because of the evil sluts of supre and now millions of monkey people will not be able to hide their boobies........ Please donate kindly to the save the monkey peole of africa foundation. (courtesy of the commonwealth government canberra)
"Fucking supre sluts their such fucking turds making the monkey people have to show their boobies like that."

"Jimmy you little shit its rude to swear"

"sorry mum"
by specky January 11, 2005
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