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A store where alot of aussie teenage girls shop for clothes.
Supre clothing is usually low-quality, tacky, overpriced and will most likely go out of fashion within the next 5 months.
Not all supre clothing is slutty, such as not so short shorts, plain tops etc. though alot if it is.
They sell shirts with slogans such as 'I'm a bitch, just not yours', 'wanna be a rockstar', 'bad kitty' and at christmas, 'jingle my bells' or 'dear santa, please define good' and other stupid sayings.
They cater for almost every highschool steriotype, and have a small section in the store which has 'punk, emo and goth' style clothing and accesories, which are usually bought by who most would label 'posers' or 'tryhards', or other 'non-conformist' people who buy it when its on sale, then try to cover up the fact that it was bought from there.
Most of the store could be described as preppy, with mini-skirts, low-cut tops, short shorts, and anything fashionable. Sometimes you will find other things sold at the counter, such as bubble gum, cleavage cups, supre brand water, body spray and more.
You can find supre stores pretty much anywhere in Australia, they're also found in New-Zealand.
Non-stop, irritating and extremely loud techno, pop, hip-hop and rap music is constantly played in the store.
I got a top from Supre and it broke after about 4 washes
by somegirl123 January 22, 2007
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