A shop with really cute cothes and great service. The people are frienly and the always play great music. It might be a bit on the slutty side but now the the fashon is long skirts and there is a whole range of long skirts and really nice dresses that are in style. The only people that don't like are those fat fucking bitches that are jelous caus the can't fit into any of their clothing.
Skinny girl with a great figure: OMG look at that really cute dress it would look great with a belt and a pair of white shoes.

Fat slut who can't fit into Supre clothing: OMG look at that really cute girl with a great figure walking into Supre which is all for sluts. I'm so jelous!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Yessala December 12, 2006
Supre is a really cute shop that sells nice clothes for teenage girls at a reasonable price. Their staff are friendly and helpful and you'll always find that cute top or skirt your looking for, the cater for a large variety of girls depending on their style and their stores always play the best music! Some girls think the clothes are slutty, but that's only the fat and ugly girls who don't look good in their stuff. Maybe when the store first opened their clothes were a little on the slutty side but that was due to what was in fashion at the time, now its all about long skirts and what's so slutty about that?
Pretty Skinny Girl "I LOVE supre clothes they are soooo cute!!"

Ugly Fat Girl "Supre is a horrible store because i'm too gross to look good in anything they have"
by aliwali August 11, 2005
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