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in the philippines, a slang term for "toothpaste", (etm. fr. the makers of toothpaste itself)
can i buy colgate...the "pepsodent" brand please!
by bauglir May 17, 2004
taong talamak ang kasuwapangan; sakim baga...
no example required.
by bauglir May 17, 2004
a person who thinks he is capable of conquering the world
ping lacson: "today, cavite...tomorrow, the world! ha ha ha ha!" now that's very sevlubiganish!
by bauglir May 17, 2004
mabahong hininga (from baho + hinga); taong mabaho ang hininga;
ang baho, amoy utot!
by bauglir May 16, 2004
1. titing hindi pa tuli
2. lalaking may edad na, ngunit maliit
pa rin ang boses.
1. supot ako! e ano ngayon sa 'yo?
2. supot ako! at 24 na taong gulang na ako. e ano ngayon sa 'yo?
by bauglir May 16, 2004

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