when one has an extremely loose bowel movement it sprays out like a super soaker
cor look at fash on the beach! he's been caught short and had nowhere to go in a hurry so he's just fired a super soaker all over the beach
by davethejag November 07, 2008
Top Definition
The mother of all water pistols. Super soakers were the first pressurised toy water guns on the market and first appeared in the early 90's. early models included the SS50 and SS100. originaly made by larami now made by hasbro. the most powerful model ever was the CPS 2000 which was supposedly withdrawn from sale after someone lost an eye
if you don't watch out all blow your eye out with my CPS 2000
by Alastair Gregg March 18, 2005
A large plastic gun that shoots lots of water.
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
Super soaker refers to when someone pees their bed, completely soaking their bed mattress.
The Mother: Last night little Suzie peed her pants while sleeping and the pee destroyed the mattress! There was urine leaking from underneath the mattress when she was through with it.

The Father: Eww!! That's one disgusting super soaker.
by ZCMC April 01, 2009
A guy who cums so much that it soaks himself or his partner from head to toe.
Johnny is such a supersoaker, I had cum all over me!
by Scott SWFL March 28, 2007
n.-A female that ,when brought to climax, ejaculates a large amount of vaginal fluid leaving the bed and/or partner soaked.
She came so hard, she turned out to be a supersoaker. The bed had a puddle in it!
by S.m.G. November 01, 2007
When having sex, you pull out right before you ejaculate. Take a water gun and jizz inside of it. Then squirt it all over your girl and scream like the kids in the super soaker commercials.
"My girl wanted a super soaker last night, I had to use the water gun from your bedroom." "Fuck you."
by maxwantsjustice May 12, 2011
To cum upon another in a shower.
Best done by surprise.
Kevin is a supersoaker.
by koolkid464 March 26, 2009

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